Embracing Digital Marketing in the Aftermath of COVID

Digital marketing

As we all know that COVID-19 has brought the entire world to a standstill. People are discerning the transition in their surroundings each day and so are the businesses. While many brands are nimbly preparing for the big shift in consumer behavior, it’s crucial for businesses to adopt an eloquent digital marketing strategy, to bounce back to their normal levels.

Due to social distancing, many businesses have already introduced digital marketing services to stay connected with their customers and resolve their queries.

So, today I will be sharing some tips to embrace an effective digital marketing strategy that helps businesses in recouping from the aftermath of this pandemic.

Adopt a Digital Selling Strategy

A striking digital selling strategy enables you to engage and drive online conversions directly without a middle-man to distribute your products.

Utilize all the digital marketing channels like Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Programmatic and other content-driven channels to reach out to the prospects without any dependency.

For instance, shutting down the retail business has immobilized manufacturers and other whole-sellers, who relied on retailers to get sales. On the flip side, businesses embracing digital transformation witnessed propelling sales even during the lockdown.

One way to interact with consumers head-on is through a WhatsApp Business API. Many brand giants and even government bodies are leveraging WhatsApp Chatbot to communicate with their potential & existing consumers and as a means to assist, engage and drive sales.

This has enabled brands to build personalized conversations seamlessly, thereby capturing details of the prospects for future engagement.

Power up your Branding Game

This is the right time to reach users online and build brand awareness. Be on top of the minds of your consumers to hike up your sales graph again. And so, branding is more essential than ever now. Due to the downfall in revenue, you may have to compromise your expenses by altering your marketing spends. And that’s where digital marketing plays a vital role. It enables you to reach out to your consumers in a cost-effective way. Transition to digital saves you from hefty marketing spends and allows you to explore innovative ways to boost your brand reach.

Talking about branding, the first thought that strikes our mind is Social Media. Of course, we know the popularity of social media and its efficacy in brand building and marketing. Leverage your social media channels to reach out to your potential prospects during these tough times and remind them about your presence by building a compelling branding strategy.

Deliver Remote Customer Support

Many customers are facing challenges while reaching out to the brand, resulting to increase in call center calling volumes. This results in poor customer experience and churn.

An innovative solution to this issue is creating a WhatsApp Customer Support chatbot that allows the customers to interact with the brand in the most personalized way, providing necessary support in the form of captivating conversation.

WhatsApp Chatbot enables you to support your customers with automated query resolution, eliminating manual intervention. You can also provide a clear path to human escalation, where the chat is forwarded to a live agent. This indirectly builds customer trust towards the brand increasing customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value.

Last but not least…

Explore New Ways to Thrive

This lockdown has made us look deep into ourselves and the world with a whole new perspective. Avenues to explore new possibilities as an individual and enterprise. So, keep discovering new ways to stay in sight of your prospects and valued customers. Analyze the transition in their behavior, trace the possible places where you can interact, and remind them about you. Many businesses have already started implementing this approach. Brands have started marketing in channels like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat as people are observed to spend more time there.

In a nutshell, COVID has surely made a challenging 2020, but with a deft digital strategy and mindful planning, brands can weather this catastrophe and emerge victorious in the future.